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Welcome to Grow Gelt! Founded in 2016 by Rabbi Elazar Green, CFRE, Grow Gelt has been transforming Shluchim's fundraising through workshops, courses, resources, and coaching.

Shluchim often cycle through "feast" or "famine" periods of fundraising. At Grow Gelt, we're changing the narrative so that Shluchim, their families, and their communities can reap the benefits of implementing a consistent and reliable system.

We are thrilled that you are here! Your family will thank you, and your community will grow much faster.

Our 3 Key Areas of Impact

1.    Mindset: We’re committed to cultivating a community of Shluchim who understand that fundraising is not just a necessary task but the lifeblood of their Chabad House. Through farbrengens and modeling by veteran Shluchim, we inspire a mindset where fundraising is embraced as a vital aspect of their mission.  

2.    Knowledge: We provide clarity on established Shluchim fundraising systems, helping others gain confidence in their asks and presentations. Our focus on donor-centricity and relationship-based fundraising helps shift the focus from merely surviving to making meaningful change in the world.

  3.    Resources: Recognizing that Shluchim are not necessarily writers or designers, our "Done For You" resources allow Shluchim to spend more time engaging with their baalei batim and less time on administrative tasks.

Meet Our Team

  • Rabbi Mendy Kasowitz

    Rabbi Mendy Kasowitz

    Ruchniyos Director & Shliach Liasion (Volunteer)

    Since attending the Grow Gelt Bootcamp in 2019, Rabbi Mendy Kasowitz has transformed his approach to Shlichus. Inspired by the camaraderie, actionable insights, and the evolving community he encountered, Rabbi Kasowitz brings a special energy and inspiring perspective into every Grow Gelt experience. He currently manages the Grow Gelt Shluchim Fund, a tzedakah dedicated entirely to addressing the urgent personal needs of Shluchim, ensuring that 100% of the contributions make a direct impact.

  • Jeff Brooks

    Jeff Brooks

    Copywriter & Strategist

    Jeff Brooks has been serving the nonprofit community for more than 35 years. Jeff's popular "holiday letters" for Shluchim have raised millions of dollars over the last 8 years. He has worked with organizations large and small around the world, and has served in many charity sectors, including international development, health and hospitals, social services, faith-based, and arts and culture. He blogs at the popular Future Fundraising Now and is the author of three books, including "The Fundraiser's Guide to Irresistible Communications." He lives in Seattle and has been hellping Shluchim since 2018

  • Marc A Pitman CSP

    Marc A Pitman CSP

    Coach & Trainer

    Marc is the founder and CEO of Concord Leadership Group, with 20 years of experience presenting trainings and keynotes to over 25,000 participants worldwide. He has coached over 120 top executives and certified 31 Quadrant 3 Leadership Coaches, impacting more than 14,290 leaders. Author of “Ask Without Fear!” and “The Surprising Gift of Doubt,” Marc holds a master’s in organizational leadership and is a Certified Franklin Covey Coach, as well as a Certified Speaking Professional. Marc has been involved with Grow Gelt since 2018, helping host the Zooms, train the Shluchim, and coach during the in-person bootcamps.

  • Rabbi Elazar Green CFRE

    Rabbi Elazar Green CFRE

    Founder & Director

    Rabbi Elazar Green serves as the Shliach at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and is the founder and chief strategist behind Grow Gelt Solutions, designed to empower Shluchim through financial and organizational growth. Rabbi Green also hosts the popular "Grow Gelt" podcast available on Spotify, where he shares invaluable insights and strategies. Additionally, he produces comprehensive online courses and dynamic in-person Bootcamps, providing Shluchim with multiple avenues of learning.

  • Ada Ruiz

    Ada Ruiz

    Graphics Designer

    Ada is an accomplished graphic designer with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Communication and a Master's in Marketing. Ada produces donor communications, appeal letters, pledge cards, and all design work for print and digital. Ada has been part of Grow Gelt since 2019.

  • Jen Pauline

    Jen Pauline

    General Administrative Assistant

    Jen is our virtual assistant, making sure that projects and production keeps moving forward. Her meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach ensure that all aspects of our projects are well-organized and on schedule. Jen's expertise allows us to maintain our focus on our mission while she expertly handles the logistics that keep our operations running seamlessly.

  • Sasha Gordon Friedman

    Writer and Project Manager

    Sasha is at the forefront of donor communications. With a keen eye for compelling narratives, she conducts in-depth interviews with donors and Shluchim, capturing their unique stories and experiences. Sasha's expertise lies in transforming these insights into engaging content across various platforms, including emails, newsletters, and reports, ensuring our message resonates with your community.

Start Fundraising Today.

I attended your Bootcamp in 2017. Fast forward 6 years, lots of more learning from Grow Gelt, tons of emails and cultivation and… a donor just sent a stock transfer valued a bit over 1,000,000 to our building campaign. I’m grateful for you, and all that I have learned from you. The official programs and the private conversations and advice over the years. Really no words. Thank you. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s amazing and literally transformed my life and shlichus. I’m sure many many shluchim feel the same way. You’re amazing. Thank you!!! - Rabbi Posner